Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear Review

Hello Lovely  Ladies,

Today  I am going to review one of my  favorite skin care product, (Recently got favorite) So, I can proudly say that it is one of the best and effective Tan removal cream I have come across till now
Price: 40 gms for INR 75 /100 gms for INR 125( But u can get at discounted price hereHERE as i got one.

 Ingredients: - Milk, Bees Wax and Geranium Oil.

How to use : 

Apply layer on the face/skin and keep it on for 10-15 mins & after soft massage remove with water. 
Advised to be used everyday to restore natural color & glow of the skin.

What Company Says :

Milk proteins and honey enriched special tan cream helps remove the epidermal sun tan, thereby restoring the natural fairness of the skin and also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun. Its matte effect is ideal for hot climates and the cream also helps enhance after facial glow.

My Lovely Experience with Nature’s Essence Lac to Tan Clear is:

I do have a severe tan on my face due to over exposed in this summers, we had a visit to wonder la and my skin got severely tanned, I tried different remedies to get rid of tan especially home remedies, but dint work so get as it takes time, but i wanted a immediate effect one of my friend did recommend me Nature's essence lacto tan clear and i ordered it from sap and got a discount as well, it reached in 4-5 days, as per the instructions i tried it,applied a layer on face and arms and waited for 15 min later massaged smoothly and washed off, with in first use it did remove 95% of tan and again i used it next day again to get  of 5% and believe me it did what it claims, it removed the tan completely and i got a nice glow on my face, now i have planned to use it every week at least twice.I researched a lot to verify with the ingredients and to confirm how milk, honey and geranium oil alone can give such wonderful results.But could not find any other ingredient, I am sure there must be other ingredients in the cream Nature's Essence has not revealed it.


1.Not tested on animals,Very Important for me.
2.Easy process , can be applied and washed away easily
3.Very affordable
4.Does absolutely what it claims
5.Easily Available in Online/ Stores.
6.No harm even if used daily(But i would not recommend you to use daily).
7.Removes tan instantly, Good for parties.
8.Smells really good.


1.Dries skin to little extent but not much.
2.Contains chemicals which is not mentioned but did not harm the skin at all.
Apart from these no other cons i could find.

My Rating:

4.9/5(-.1 for chemical involvement).


My Mini Haul

Hi Girls,

I am Back with a Quick a post or a Small post here.

So Today,I am Posting About My Recent Haul which will not be complete with out sharing now, as this blog has become part of my routine, Love to Share here everything.

So Here is My Mini Shopping

1. Hip Hop Facial Hair Removal Strips: 

Jut to remove upper Lip Hairs, ( I hate threading) Its a First Purchase will review soon

2. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense 

     Whitening Day Cream.:

 I was Using Ponds white Beauty but SA Suggested me this ans Loving it..

3.Lakme Rose Powder:

 All Time Favorite and Pretty Cheap

4.Nature essence Aloevera Soap:

 First Purchase after reading Many Positive Reviews.

5.Vega Black Head remover:

 As I have a Super Oily Skin and which is the pain to Maintain Its a Must For Me.

  Last but not least.

6.Banjaras Dry Powders:

 I Just Love Dry powders...


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Maybelline Watershine Pure MF 21 Lipstick Review

Honey Chumps,

I am back with the review for one of my favorite cosmetic LIPSTICK, yes i love them and never step out of home with out lipstick n kajal, so here is a review of most used brand Maybelline.

Maybelline Watershine Pure MF 21 Lipstick

About Product:

  • Wet shine in a classic lipstick.
  • New formula with spring water for the freshest wet shine and sheer color.
  • Fresh moisture for thirsty lips!
  • 10 deliciously fresh shades.


Price :  INR 230 for 3.4gms

Packaging :  Very Simple and Cute

My Experience with this Lipstick:

This was my first lipstick purchase from Maybelline and totally in love with this, This Shade is  MF 21 got it on a huge discount from a friend , dirty cheap as on of my friend got it in a bulk.

Without Flash
I totally Love this this shade and and its texture
the lipstick feels lightweight on the lips and gives a beautiful shine,I like the moist effect it gives to lips



Provides a beautiful shine

Can skip lip balm as well

Dirty cheap

Not heavy on lips

No heavy smell

No pigmentation



Less shades may not suite all skin shades.

Less staying power only for a hour.

Overall Rating: 3.5/4.5


So, have u ever used this??


Source: From my old blog

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Avon Sun SPF 20 PA++ Smooth UV Gel{ Product Review }

Hello  Sweet Cheeks,

As I told Yesterday I will do my posts very, today I am going

to post about the hot summer demand product that

is SUNSCREENS, Sunscreen is the very Important part for us

 in summer we will never skip before going in to the hot sun, 

Sunscreen was introduced to me by one of my friend and she 

explained me the importance of it, so from that day I started

using sunscreens.



Also She Shared This Article:
You should apply sunscreen to your skin everyday before you step out of your house. It will make your skin smooth, soft and firm preserving it from getting dull, brittle and aged. Your skin will remain young and fresh while you enjoy all of your outdoor activities. Some of the sunscreens have moisture included in them which keeps your skin even more soft and gentle. Sunscreen can be used in all seasons, for every outdoor event. It is not something particular you have to apply.
You should apply sunscreen to your skin after properly washing your face and perspiration. Your skin needs to be cleansed and moisturized for routine work before getting protected. Mostly the recommended SPF for the skin is 15; it efficiently works on the skin in protecting from sun and ultraviolet rays. Determine your skin type and see what SPF sunscreen is supposed to show outcomes; if your skin is sensitive and irritable to chemical compounds, make sure you buy a simple or natural one to avoid allergic reactions. 

 About Product:

 Since I Joined Avon I am using this Sunscreen there is another Sunscreen available in Avon with SPF 40 but , I Prefer this because I feel light and moisturized with this one.

Packaging:  I love the Packaging because it comes in tube, easy and hygienic as well.

Avon Sun SPF 20 PA++ Smooth UV Gel
Price: 249 Rs for 30 Gms
Shelf Life: 3 Years

Ingredients: Sorry me Being Lazy Cannot type all ingredients,so uploaded pic here.

My Say About the product:

This Sunscreen is bit costly but worth a buy as it does it work properly, It Protects your Skin from Dangerous UV Rays, It Comes in a Light Creamy watery Texture as other Sunscreens Its not thick and does not make skin oily and also suitable for all skin types( Especially for oiles like me)
Also it has natural Ingredients like Aloevera and Hazel which is very beneficial for the skin, It does moisturize skin very well and leave it soft and supple, so It’s my HG Sunscreen.




1. Does what it claims.
2. Oil Free.
3. Suitable for all Skin Types.
4. Travel Friendly.
5.Not tested on animals.


1.Very Less Quantity for the Price.
2.Availability is a issue If not a Rep.
3.May Not Suit For Very Dry Skin.

Overall Rating:  3.5/5


Source: from my old blog

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mango Face Pack( DIY)

Hi Sweethearts,

It’s a Hot Summer Day, Did not post for some days and I am 
Really Sorry for  our skinthat , I was too busy with My Work, Today Its My First DIY(Do it Yourself) and I am Going to Post a Super King Face Pack.

A Mango is called as king of Fruits so it’s a special Face pack

for the Summers and also For Winters, for its Moisturizing 

Effects.a yummy fruit .(Look at pic taken from Google).

About King of Fruits Mango:

*Mangos are bursting with protective nutrients. The vitamin content depends upon the variety and maturity of the fruit, when the mango is green the amount of vitamin C is higher, as it ripens the amount of beta carotene (vitamin A) increases.( We are Going to use Ripen Mangoes here)
So Let’s Start with the Special Facial.


Mango(Ripen) 1/2

Multani Mitti( Fullers Earth) 2tsp

Curd 1tsp

Oats 2 tsp

Blend half Mango to a Puree, Now mix all ingredients  to form a smooth paste.

Wash your Face with Cleanser or wipe with Rose toner, Take a steam for 3 Minutes( as it makes the face pack effect double), wipe gently and apply the pack on face and wait for 30 Minutes, then start scrubbing slowly in circular motion for 5 minutes then wash off or wipe off with cold water, no need 6to moisturize as it gives the moisturizing effect.

This is a Amazing Face Pack, gives a nice glow, and also it cleanses all dirt from skin.

Hope you Like this, Please do comment with your Valuable comments or how you use mango in your skin care regime???


Source: From my old blog

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lovely Skin Care Products

Heya Girls,
Source: Google

Today's Market is packed with huge beauty products claiming to enhance your beauty,But almost 90% of products fail to do what they claims, After spending huge money we will be disappointed as the product did not fulfill our skin needs & some products may make skin more worse, Here are some useful tips to choose the right product for your skin.
Source: Google

Skin Care Products:

Skin care products are divided in two categories , One is for medicinal purpose that is to clear acne or blemish recommended by dermatologist and Second is take care of your skin on daily skin to protect your skin harmful rays and pollution, To include in our daily routine of CTM, but most of them will not serve your purpose so, Below are the factors which should be considered to select right product for your Skin.

Chemicals or Cleaning agents:

All you may be wondering that cleaning agents in skin care products, Yes you are right, Cleaning agents is also called as surfactants and there are many chemicals which comes under surfactants.These chemicals are mostly used in household cleaning products, The chore of any surfactants is to clean and get rid of oil &dirt.Do you know these chemicals are used in may skin care products. The chemicals mostly used are Ammonium bromide, sodium lauryl sulfate,Potassium & etc.
The discussion made here is stay far away from these kind of products and choose a product with a natural ingredients contains our most favorite aloevera or life saver neem.
Nowadays most of the natural ingredients products are available which contains avacado oil,grapeseed oil,shea butter manuka honey etc.
Source: Google

Water Factor:

Most of the skin care products today use water as one the main ingredient, The fact is the presence os water can actually hinder the skin from getting necessary nutrients,so make sure while choosing the product choose with less water quantity or no water.

Isopropyl Alcohol:

Isopropyl alcohol is also known as rubbing alcohol,and this is widely used in skincare products,and this very much usefull to kill skin bacteria especially for acne prone,but sad part of it may be very irritating to skin and also it will dry out the skin, It may be very difficult to find out alcohol in the ingredients list so here is a tip u can always see the ingriedient which ends with "OL" It means it contains some amount of alcohol.

These are following tips to select right and natural product for your Skin.

First Post of Lovely Skin Care For You.

So, have you ever came across such ingredients ? 



Hey Guys....Welcome to my blog....a new and lovely start, Here u can find Lovely skin tips, DIY, and Many more, hope you all enjoy and follow my little blog for more.....:)